Aú Giro Sem Mâo


Front walkover without hands.

Move Background

In Capoeira, this movement is literally described as a cartwheel without hands. One leg jumps up, while the other kicks hard to the side, causing the body to rotate over itself. The arms play a vital role in creating power and rotational force. Make sure to punch hard over your head as you jump.

Step by step guide

  • The au giro sem mâo also known as piao sem mao combines the motions of an au de frente with those of an aerial.
  • The au giro sem mâo starts just like Au sem mâo, but once the player jumps off with their leg, the opposite arm is driven around and towards the chest to create enough torque for the rotation.
  • The advanced variation is the Au sem mao de frente which is literally a front walkover without hands.

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