A Beautiful Art Transcending Into A Way Of Life!

Capoeira is whatever you want it to be: For the fighter it is a fight, for the dancer its a dance, for the musician its music, for the acrobat its acrobatics, for the lover it is the faithful love and for the seeker its a spiritual journey.

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La Laue is a Capoeira community where you can explore everything Capoeira, and what it means to people all around the world! Capoeira is about the music, fitness, a tool for spiritual transcendence, a martial arts and of-course a way of life. Start your journey today and find classes near you

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Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial art with its roots firmly in Africa and the African Diaspora. It was developed by slaves over the last 400 years and passed down from teacher to student, often in secret. Learn about the art, culture, history, philosophy, and practice of capoeira through the internets biggest treasure trove or capoeria content.