The Art Of Freedom

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art with its roots firmly in Africa. It was developed by slaves and passed down over 400 years, often in secret. Through training and leadership, Capoeira was a revolutionary force in breaking the shackles of slavery. La Laue's aim is to promote this glorious tradition and continue the fight against modern-day slavery and isolation.

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Capoeira is more than just a sport, it is a way of life. Through our website, Instagram and Facebook pages we show-case the wonderful variety and people who make Capoeira what it is today. Join our mission and help us make Capoeira a global movement

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La Laue provides a free encyclopaedia concerning all things capoeira. Learn about the art, culture, philosophy, music and practice. Through the capoeira way of life, move towards better fitness, health, and spiritual transcendence.

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La Laue is a Capoeira community where you can explore everything Capoeira, and what it means to people all around the world! Capoeira is about the music, fitness, a tool for spiritual transcendence, a martial arts and ofcourse a way of life. Start your journey today and find classes near you

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