Aú De Frente


Au de frente is another variation of au that moves forwards instead of side to side.

Move Background

Doing a cartwheel forwards differs from normal cartwheels in that your hips need to face the direction you move in. In a forwards cartwheel, the hips face the direction you will move in. This change in starting position, make the landing a bit trickers. Most people having difficulty with their landing due to poor hip-flexor and thoracic extension. The more you are able to work on flexibility in these areas, the easier the landing will be.

Step by step guide

  • This move ties in very well with many of the circular kicks.
  • Combining au de frente after a kick like armada, meia lua de frente, queixada, or meia lua de compasso is common.
  • This is a great combination that can be used in many middle and fast paced games.
  • One difficulty people have when doing this au is not being able to land without falling on their butt.
  • Most of the time, the reason this happens is that you’re not able to keep the landing leg straight and extend the hips up sufficiently.
  • When people are scared, they tend to drop their hips, crumpling up their bodies.
  • This is a response that you have to fight when doing this movement. It is recommended to try au de frente on a downhill. Using the downhill allows you to drop your hips slightly and still completely the movement.

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