Aú Batido

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Aú batido literally means

Move Background

This is an aú variation where a practitioner does a handstand, followed by a twist with the hips and a split.

Step by step guide

  • During the kick, one arm is protecting the face while the other one is obviously supporting the body.
  • This movement is a defensive move, used when attempting to perform a cartwheel and the opponent attacks.
  • Generally with a cabeçada, a headbutt, the aú batido takes place, attacking the opponent by surprise before the attack is executed.
  • The aú batido is sometimes also used in doubt or simply as a trick move.
  • This move is also performed in tricking, and for quality, it is also used often in breakdancing where it is known as the L-kick.
  • Names used in different schools may also include Beija Flor (Humming Bird, literally Flower Kiss(er)), Leque (Fan), Aú Québrado (also "broken cartwheel"), Aú Malandro(wily cartwheel), Aú Amazonas (Amazon cartwheel) or Amazonica.

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