Pronounced “a-oo” the Aú is the capoeira cartwheel. This capoeira cartwheel is done differently than a cartwheel in gymnastics.

Move Background

An aú, in its base form, is performed very slowly, with arms and legs bent in order to keep a low target profile. Players sometime pause midway during an aú holding it for a handstand position, from which they can execute a wide variety of moves.

Step by step guide

  • The aú can be seen as a handstand variation and gives you experience entering and exiting your bananeira in a basic manner - sideways.
  • Its good to practise the aú until you are totally comfortable before you move onto more advanced acrobatic movements such as the macaco.
  • The gymnastics cartwheel starts in a forward facing lunge position.
  • The au starts with the toes pointing forward and the body performing the cartwheel to the side.
  • The head stays in line with the shoulders, looking forward towards the person you are playing Capoeira with.
  • You should always have your chest facing the other person as you do a cartwheel.
  • There are many variations to doing a cartwheel, however the most fundamental variation is with the legs and arms fully extended throughout the movement.
  • The au can be done for many reasons, including evading kicks and gaining a better position in the roda.

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