Tem Dende, Tem Dende

Song Lyrics

Tem dendê, tem dendê

No jogo de Angola tem dendê

Tem dendê, tem dendê

No jogo de baixo tem dendê

English Translation

Has dendê, has dendê

The Angola roda has dendê

Has dendê, has dendê

The low game has dendê

History and sentiment behind song

A song relating a list of people, places, and things that have a special magic called dendê. Having dendê means it has "flavor!" You can improvise in this song to say that particular players in the roda have dendê, that your capoeira group has dendê or that your mestre has dendê. This song allows for a great deal of improvisation, and just about anything can be called out if it deserves it.

Dendê (den-DAY)- A palm plant brought to Brazil by Africans.It is used in Brazilian cooking, especially in the northeast of the country. It has a strong, rich flavor as well as a bright orange color. It's distinctive rich flavor and smooth slippery consistency serve as symbols in many capoeira songs. Dendê also connects to the orixas (gods) of candomblé. If a capoeira player has dendê it indicates a deep connection to the game and to the gods.