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A 360 degree sideways spin.

Move Background

The mariposa is not a butterfly kick, but rather a Butterfly twist. While there are many entrances into the spin (for example, a capoeirista could enter into the movement with a folha secca and then continue with the movement, which is more commonly called a corkscrew), it is commonly seen as a complete 360 spin of the body while it is horizontal in the air.

Step by step guide

  • You have to have a good butterfly kick (a kind of no hands horizontal cartwheel) to attempt this one (tips on how to do this coming soon), and it is best to practise on soft ground.
  • Stand with your legs as far apart as you would usually do before an Aú.
  • Twist your body away from the direction of your spin (your spin will go toward you natural spinning side, just think which side you do your best armada, clockwise/anti-clockwise), with your weight on the far leg.
  • Next, transfer your weight onto the front leg as you swing your body around, spreading your arms.
  • Follow the swing not across, but around, so that your back leg comes up into the air.
  • Once your body is ready to take off like in a butterfly, jump off the grounded leg and twist your torso hard, especially the shoulders, bringing in your arms for greater speed.
  • Your head should be facing the direction of the spin.
  • Your body should naturally try to land on its feet, although this may mean your knees if you are not high enough.
  • Remember that the keys to this move is height and twisting your upper body.

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