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Also known as Adho Mukha Vrksasana.

Move Background

The handstand forms the basis of any number of gymnasts and acrobatic movements and is an essential component of the game of capoeira. This energising inversion strengthens your shoulder, arms, wrists and is excellent for promoting balance. In capoeira, it helps in improving your "Armada",the crescent-shaped kick, in which you lift your left leg high across your body and sweep across with the blade of your foot. If you have good balance you can even add a spin before the kick. This is one of the most common movements in capoeira.

Step by step guide

  • Come into Downward Facing Dog with your hands about 6 inches away from the wall.
  • Walk your feet in closer to your hands, bringing the shoulders over your wrists and, if possible, your hips over your shoulders.
  • Keep your right foot on the ground lifting onto the ball of it and begin to bend at the knee.
  • Lift the other foot off the floor straightening the lifted leg behind you.
  • Take a few hops here, jumping off from the bent leg and lifting the straight leg toward vertical.
  • Try bringing both heels to the wall.
  • Keep your head down between your upper arms and breathe deeply.
  • Practice taking the heels off the wall and balancing, remembering to keep your feet flexed.
  • You will need to strongly engage your legs and reach up through your heels.
  • You can also start to work on bringing your gaze to the floor
  • Bring one leg down at a time and rest before trying to kick up with the opposite leg for balance.

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