Folha Seca


Backflip done with one-leg.

Move Background

A Folha Seca translates to dry leaf and is very similar to a Flash Kick. The direction k with the capoeirista kicking with more of a slant in his body during the rotation. After turning at least 90 degrees to the left or right, the capoerista raises his kicking leg up while jumping off of his support leg. He brings his arms up while hollowing out his back. He continues the kick until he lands on his kicking leg.

Step by step guide

  • Only attempt if you've got the salto mortal down solid, and always remember your hands are always there to break your fall.
  • If you are familiar with the Fosbury flop high jump technique, it will help.
  • Take a walking step forward while swinging your arms gently back.
  • Now kick the back leg up while swinging your arms and arching back like a mortal.
  • Push off with your supporting leg when your kicking leg is about parallel to the ground (ie. you are going up, not forward).
  • The kick, swing and push should all be a smooth motion.
  • The sequence on the top show the "easy" way, which is to keep the kicking leg going up, and bringing the other leg up meet it.
  • You should land on both legs.
  • The other sequence is another way where you pretty much do nothing once you're in the air so that you land on the kicking leg.
  • You can also try tucking your body (into a ball) completely when you are in the air.

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