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The name, ‘Ustrasana’ comes from the Sanskrit words, ustra and asana, where ustra stands for camel and asana stands for ‘posture. This pose is very beneficial for developing flexibility in the body.

Move Background

This typical backbend is great for the entire front part of your body, right from the throat down to your ankle. It is a great strengthener for the back muscles too. Camel pose, opens the chest, working deep into the heart chakra, stretches shoulder and abdomen and increases flexibility to the lower body. It also improves flexibly of neck and spine, stretches the throat and thyroid glands. Very good for defensive movements like Cocorinha, Resistencia and takedown movements like Rasteira and Banda.

Step by step guide

  • Stand on the knees. Keep the thighs fully straight.
  • Keep the knees and feet together.
  • Lean in the backward direction. Slowly move more backward. Reach the right heel with the right hand, and the left heel with the left hand. Avoid straining the body.
  • Push the hips in the forward direction. The thighs should be kept vertical.
  • Then bend the head and the spine as backward and as farther as possible without straining.
  • Relax the body and the muscles of the back.
  • Support the body weight equally on the legs and arms.
  • Keep the arms in such a way that they anchor the shoulders to maintain the back arch.
  • Stay in the same position for as long as you find it comfortable.
  • Then release the hands from the heels one by one and return to the starting position. Relax and take deep breaths.

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