Classic leg takedown.

Move Background

Takedown where you move in close, shoulder to the opponent's chest, grab their thighs and heave their skull to the ground.

Step by step guide

  • The capoeirista grabs the opponent behind the knees and pulls/lifts while pushing the opponent backwards with their shoulder, driving him to the ground.
  • While seen as a double leg takedown, in many situations it will change to a single leg takedown.
  • Ironically in the evolution of things, this move is usually countered with a sprawl or even a guillotine choke depending on the school or academy.
  • An alternate technique used by some groups is for the capoeirista to take the opponent down laterally, as opposed to a football-tackle style takedown.
  • Using their head to push the opponent's hips sideways, forcing the opponent to balance upon one leg, the capoeirista then uses their arms to sweep the remaining leg from underneath the opponent, completing the takedown.
  • The opponent's legs should be swept so that they land in front of the capoeirista's legs instead of in between, for defensive reasons. Upon discovery of this takedown, some casual viewers learn to see capoeira as more than a recreational "dance".

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