Mestre Sorriso Angola

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Mestre Sorriso

Mestre Sorriso is known for his impressive athleticism, acrobatic moves, and his contributions to the preservation and dissemination of Capoeira.


Sorriso is considered one of the most important Mestres (masters) of Capoeira Angola, a traditional style of Capoeira that emphasizes the art's cultural and historical roots. He began teaching Capoeira in 1971 in Brazil and has since traveled the world to share his knowledge and passion for the martial art.

Sorriso has established Capoeira schools in various countries, including the United States, Germany, France, and Italy. He has also participated in numerous Capoeira events, performances, and workshops across the globe.

In addition to his Capoeira expertise, Sorriso is also known for his work as a social activist, using Capoeira as a tool for empowering marginalized communities and promoting social justice. He has organized events and projects to help children, youth, and adults in need, using Capoeira as a means of building confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

Overall, Mestre Sorriso is a respected figure in the Capoeira community and a cultural ambassador of Brazil. His contributions to Capoeira and his commitment to social activism have made a significant impact on the world, inspiring countless individuals to explore the art and its many benefits.

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Devagar, Devagar

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