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Trying capoeira online - zoom zoom zoom

Capoeira Remote Learning

Virtual Capoeira classes are currently taking place all over the World, these classes let you connect with each other while learning the moves. It's an online team building experience to share with your colleagues when working remotely which also brings you all the benefits of exercising. The Mestre will share with you great exercises that will make you improve and feel great even if you are just a beginner.

With advancing technologies it is now a possibility to learn via the internet, having lessons and classes remotely using platforms such as YouTube, Zoom Meetings as well as Google Meet.

Below is a list of Capoeira instructors giving educational and fun lessons through remote learning

We here at La Laue are always on the lookout for anyone promoting the fine art of Capoeira, so if you are a Mestre who is currently providing online classes be sure to add your details below:

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