10 Health Benefits Of Capoeira

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10 health benefits of Capoeira

10 Health Benefits Of Capoeira

Are you in search of the perfect workout? How about an activity that combines martial arts, music, aerobics and dance? This is Capoeira and this might be the perfect workout for you.


Capoeira started out as a form of martial arts in Brazil by the 16th century but over time, it is slowly leaving a trend as a great form of exercise for fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

Power, speed and flexibility: for anybody and everyone at any age

When doing Capoeira, the practitioner uses mainly his power, speed and leverage in every kick, spin and highly mobile move. It requires strength and flexibility to do its quick and complex routines. There is no wonder how capoeiristas are quite healthy and fit.

Here's how you too can be healthy with Capoeira:

1. Mind

It gives you a sound mind. Continuous physical activity can trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin by the brain which generally leads to an elated feeling. These "happy" hormones boost your mood and jet sets your day.

2. Stress Relief

It reduces stress. Capoeira enables fluid movements to a soundtrack so it can be relaxing. Like aerobics, such a workout can release endorphins and reduce cortisol levels to combat stress and give you a sound mind and body.

3. Stamina

It increases your stamina. Most of the Capoeira moves require weight-bearing in all directions. This increases the demand on your cardiovascular system thereby increasing your stamina in doing other physical activities in the long haul.

4. Weight Loss

It helps in weight loss. Capoeira is an intense workout. It involves leg sweeps, lunges, head kicks and elbow movements that will truly whip you into sweating off those excess fats and give you the toned core you have always wanted.

5. Flexibility

It enhances your flexibility. Capoeira develops mobility throughout muscles and joints when you bend, twist, curl and stretch during the routine. Some capoeira practitioners are on par with yoga experts on their flexibility but even those who have improved a little on their flexibility lower the risk for injury during their everyday mobility.

6. Strength

It boosts your strength. Most of the Capoeira movements require for handstands, rolls and poses that develop the upper body muscles thereby increasing upper body strength. Other movements also engage the abs and core strength.

7. Agility

It improves agility, speed and coordination. Capoeira movements are like dance steps-- all movements are well coordinated to require gracefulness and smoothness when executing the capoeira styles. As a martial arts form, moving fluidly and swiftly, as in a dance, makes your response time better and the body more agile to respond back to other people\'s moves. Regular practice builds fast reflexes and superior agility.

8. Balance

It teaches balance. From cartwheels to handstands, Capoeira is all about balance. It teaches the body to control instant and complex movements all the while maintaining balance when doing that.

9. Confidence

It boosts confidence. After each workout, you can feel that rush of endorphins that can build up the confidence you would need when facing the day. Plus, Capoeira is a very rare form of exercise. If people know you are one of the few Capoeira practitioners, and they see you have that fit and firm body to prove, it will give additional bragging rights as well.

10. Mobility

It can build efficient, effective bodies. Most of the health problems spring about due to immobility. Capoeira allows for the exercise of a large number of muscle groups and with every bend, twist and turn, it also helps loosen up the joints. This allows the body to cope with daily strenuous activities and prevent it from wearing down so soon ultimately leading to a much longer and more productive life.


So to sum up Capoeira training is tough but there is a reason why more and more people are joining in for the sessions. The health benefits far outweigh the hard work-plus a dash of Brazilian music in the background can always mean a party! If you are tired of your boring, monotonous workout routine, don\'t forget about these 10 health reasons and consider Capoeira as a "fun" and better choice.

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