History and sentiment behind song

The Meaning of Corrido

Corrido, which literally means run, is also a call and response style of singing with one or two verses. The song involves the roda and each line or verse is required to be responded to. Capoeira songs are symbolic, calling on the Gods,or the elements of the natural world,citing historical locations, battles, bravery or paying respects to former great Capoeiristas.

Parana - A state in Brazil

Parana is the name of a state in Brazil. It has come to represent freedom and is used symbolically in many capoeira songs. Paranaue, is one of Capoeira's most famous and popular song. This song is sung to commemorate the many Capoeiristas who fought the War of Paraguay,more out of compulsion than choice, in order to win freedom from the Brazilian Government.

The History Behind The Song

This song essentially refers to the War of Paraguay, between Paraguay and Brazil. Since logically the the masters and rulers did not want to be on the front line, they deployed a large number of slaves to fight for them with an incentive lifeline; an offer of freedom in case they returned alive after fighting the enemy. The slaves had an added advantage in hand to hand combat, due to their capoeira skills due to which many of them did return alive. On the way back, from the battle, on the banks of the Parana river the now ex slaves gave vent to their feelings through this beautiful song. Despite the tragedy, during which almost seventy five percent of Paraguayans lost their lives, it was an important milestone in the life of the slaves of Brazil and is commemorated to this day throughout the country.

What Parana Stands For

Parana is the name of a state in Brazil. It has come to represent freedom and is used symbolically in many capoeira songs. Aruande and Luanda (the capital of Angola) are often u

Song Lyrics

Paranaue, paranaue, parana

Vou me embora enquanto e cedo

que a noite tenho medo!

Parana Paranaue, paranaue, parana

Mulher pra ser bonita, parana

Nao precisa se pintar, parana.

Paranaue, paranaue, parana

A pintura e do artista, parana,

A beleza e Deus que da, parana.

English translations

Paranaue, paranaue, Parana

I'm leaving while it's early

because at night I'm afraid!

Parana Paranaue, paranaue, Parana

for a woman to be beautiful, Parana

she doesn't need to paint herself, Parana.

Paranaue, paranaue, parana

A painting is by an artist, parana,

Beauty is given by God, parana.

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