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History and sentiment behind song

Iúna is a toque and type of jogo (game) in capoeira which has no lyrics

The Jogo de luna was a rituralise part of capoeira regional which mestre bimba incorporated for the graduate capoeirista to demonstrate his/her skills.

Iúna is an old viola guitar rhythm used in the sambas of the Recôncavo, Bahia. Bimba, himself an accomplished master of the viola de samba, brought iúna into capoeira as a rhythm on the berimbau. He said that was an imitation of the Iúna bird's song - of the male calling and the female responding. A medium-paced and graceful game, it is played traditionally by "formados" (graduated students) at the end of the roda. Iúna is characterized by an emphasis on florieo and beautiful movement around the roda, with little to no contact/fighting.

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