Banguela Ou Benguela

Song Lyrics

Ô é banguela ou benguela

(Pergunte ao Seu Bimba)

Não pergunta pra mim

Não pergunta pra ela

É banguela

Oi é banguela ou benguela?

É banguela

Eu vi na revista

Por favor não insista

Oi na banguela

Oi é da regional

Oi foi ele quem criou

O mestre confirmou

É banguela

É banguela ou benguela?

Mestre banguela ou benguela?

Mas o meu mestre falou

Vem cá, ele é mestre bimba?

Não é não, não senhor

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English Translation

Hey is it banguela or benguela

(Ask Your Bimba)

Don't ask me

Don't ask her

It's banguela

Hi is it banguela or benguela?

It's banguela

I saw in the magazine

Please do not insist

Hey in the banguela

Hey is it regional

Hey he created it

The master confirmed

It's banguela

Is it banguela or benguela?

banguela or benguela master?

But my master said

Come here, is he a bimba master?

No, no, no sir

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History and sentiment behind song

The Origin Of the Song

Named after an Angolan port used during the Brazilian slave trade, Benguela is a rhythm created by Mestre Bimba, dictating a medium paced game, focusing on moving closer to your opponent and reacting to his movements.

Capoeira Regional

This is one of the slowest pace songs among capoeira regional and uses the slowest toque (musical note on the berimbau). This toque is used at the beginning of regional capoeira, or during the game to calm the players when spirits heat up. The game is played close to the ground and the capoeira regional demands higher intelligence and malice than the traditional form of capoeira. The game purely responds to the rhythmic commands of the berimbau. Capoeiristas seek to play aesthetically and smoothly without trying to hit each other. With formalisation of contemporary capoeira, the toque of Benguela and his style of play have become very popular. It is now common to play it this way; Tin Tin Din Din Dan .