Pronounced “Va-lee mew Day-oos”

Move Background

This move is used in emergencies, when you’re trapped you can use this move to get out of attacks that would otherwise find their mark. Another big reason to use this move is to stay close.

Step by step guide

  • This esquiva is very dynamic and can be difficult to do correctly.
  • Vale meu deus can be done either the parallel or the base position.
  • When an attack comes from your left side (for example), your right leg shoots into the direction of the attack, landing close to your opponent.
  • At the same time, the hips go up, and the upper body bends backwards away from the kick.
  • Then the right hand reaching backwards reaching towards the ground.
  • With the hand planted on the floor, the hips need to keep high and the free hand, covering the face.
  • Similar to passo a frente, this movement can be taxing on the knees, especially when done from a standing position.
  • Another thing that makes this movement difficult is gently dropping the hand to the floor.
  • If you don’t have a strong enough core strength, this can be difficult for you.