Pronounced “te-le-fo-ni.”

Move Background

Telefone is a really cool looking move, like something out of kung fu movie. The move is essentially doing galopante with both hands at the same time at an opponent’s temples. The move is used primarily to disorientate the opponent. Striking the temples damages the vestibular system, which controls our balance. If delivered correctly, you’re opponent will have a difficult time standing, striking, etc. In Capoeira this is a huge deal as our balance is what allows us to move fluidly.

Step by step guide

  • An attack with both hands slapping the opponent's ears at the same time.
  • This attack is used rarely in the roda as it is considered too aggressive.
  • The telefone is very painful and disorienting because of the sudden burst of air pressure entering the ear canal.
  • It is possible for this attack, if done in a malicious way, to cause permanent damage to the eardrum.
  • Its name is a use of wordplay based on a telephone call.

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