Rasteira which literally means 'creeper.'

Move Background

A Rasteira is a movement in capoeira used to sweep or pull an opponent's leg in response to a kick. Many mestres agree that the rasteira is a true embodiment of what capoeira really is.

Step by step guide

  • Instead of meeting the kick with a block, the rasteira follows the same direction of the attack turning the opponent's force and confidence against himself.
  • The theory being that the more committed to the attack a player is, the harder they will fall from a rasteira
  • e.g. When one player kicks with an armada, a well placed rasteira to the supporting leg will make him/her lose their balance and fall.
  • One crucial point to remember is that timing is everything when employing a rasteira.
  • A player just beginning his/her attack is easier to trip verses one whom is firmly planted.

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