Ponte Para Trás

Level: Beginner | Style: Mixed Style

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Translates as 'backward bridge'.

Move Background

The backward bridge is an advanced gymnastic movement that must be mastered before you attempt a backward somersault.

Step by step guide

  • This is a basic gymnastic movement that you must be able to fully perform to bridge the back.
  • Keep your shoulders in and your legs together.
  • Make sure you can maintain the handstand for a few seconds.
  • The position of the bridge is a key element of the bridge backwards, so practice it until you know how to execute it perfectly.
  • Start by lying on a gym mat with your knees bent.
  • Place your hands on the mat, behind your ears, and lift your body with your hands and feet until it is shaped like an arched bridge.
  • Starting in an upright position, arch your back and bend towards the floor until your hands are fixed on the floor behind you.
  • Stretch your back by making some bridges.
  • While keeping your arm straight, pull your fingers back to stretch your wrist, then do the same with your other arm.
  • Keep your legs together and raise your arms so they are pointing upwards.
  • The back and legs should be in a straight line with the arms.
  • Keeping your feet a little apart can help you if you are a beginner, but the more advanced gymnasts should keep them together.
  • Bend back until your hands are fixed on the floor and your body is in the bridge position.
  • Push your body to do a handstand.
  • When your hands land on the floor and your body forms a bridge, push yourself up and lift your upright legs in a handstand.
  • The secret is to move from a bridge to a handstand in a fluid motion, keeping your legs together and pointing them up to finish.
  • Lower your feet to the floor so that they meet your hands.
  • This is the most formal position to end a bridge backwards.
  • Keeping your arms and back in a straight vertical line, keep your legs together and bend at the waist.
  • The legs must remain straight and descend together to the floor, like a hinge. Place your feet firmly on the floor.
  • To finish the movement, lower your feet to the floor and raise your arms in an upright position. 

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