Pião De Cabeça


Pronounced “Pee-aow gee maow” it is a headspin in capoeira.

Move Background

Another break dancing looking move. It’s not clear who influenced who here. Maybe the capoeiristas influenced the breakdancers. It’s also possible that these two groups developed the move independently – it’s not known. Regardless this is one movement that is shared amongst the two arts. Head spinning is also a simple movement to understand, but less so to do.

Step by step guide

  • There are numerous ways of executing this technique.
  • One of them being, after going down into a queda de rins, the capoeirista brings his legs and hip over until all of his weight is on his head and shoulders.
  • By twisting his hips and legs around in a counter clockwise/clockwise fashion, the body's core develops torque.
  • After releasing his/her hands from the ground, the capoeirista will spin for 180 up to 720 degrees around (depending on skill level and balance).
  • One rule of thumb is that the capoeirista begins this move facing the other player.

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