Negativa Da Regional

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La Negativa da Regional, also called Negativa de Bimba. Pronounced “Neg-a-chee-va gee Beem-ba” it is a defensive position of capoeira created by Mestre Bimba

Move Background

Negativa de Bimba is a move widely seen in the sequences of Mestre Bimba. He uses the esquiva as a dual purpose move. The first reason is to escape an oncoming kick, such as bençao. The second reason is to sweep the base leg of the person kicking to take them down. Although this esquiva can be applied in many different ways, the most popular way can be scene in the first sequence by Mestre Bimba.

Step by step guide

  • This move can be used as a dodge, a counterattack, or a drop.
  • It is generally used as a dodge against direct kicks like the bênção, wedging the foot of the straight leg behind the supporting leg of the opponent (we could possibly follow the technique of a presilha).
  • You can also do the negativa da regional by hitting the supporting leg, which is seldom done due to the severity of the blow (Negativa derrubando).
  • This movement is used to fall after being knocked off balance by a direct kick.

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