Pronounced “nega-cheeva” is a crouching stance with one leg forward, one hand on the ground and the other protecting your head. It looks like a troca, only stationary.

Move Background

Negativa can be thought of a fundamental position while on the ground. The position itself is low and meant to avoid kicks to the chest or head. At the same time the position is meant to allow for easy movement. While in this position you can transfer into an attack and other esquivas that bring you even closer to the ground. Something unique about Capoeira is that although it is a standing martial art there is a lot of movement on the ground.

Step by step guide

  • A crouching stance with one leg forward, one hand on the ground.
  • Negativa can be used to evade an attack or initiate one.
  • To do negativa first you have to squat down on the ball of your first foot.
  • The other leg sits in front of you with the same side hand planted on the floor.
  • For example, if your left leg is extended then place your left hand on the floor.
  • To do a negativa a properly, you need to keep your weight forward, which allows you to move more easily.
  • A very common mistake that beginners will make is that they will place their hand behind themselves.
  • This not only brings their body weight backwards, but it also makes it very difficult for them to produce any force that is needed for kicks and other movements.
  • One palm touches the ground for support on the side of the extended leg with the rest of the weight on the bent leg.
  • The other forearm is up in a blocking position in front of or slightly above the face.

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