Martelo Rotado

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A 360 roundhouse, you whip the leg and turn completely around.

Move Background

Martelo Rotado is the common jump kick of Capoeira. Not too difficult if you practiced the other kicks before. Control is sacrificed for power as the leg does not stop, but follows through with a full rotation of the hips.

Step by step guide

  • You do the Martelo but pull your leg violently through and slam it into the ground right behind you.
  • This kick has to be done fast and with force.
  • It's not very good to start with when both you and your partner just ginga but if you want to have the last word in a frenzy exchange of kicks throw the move as fast as you can.
  • Still don't overuse it, stick rather to Armadas and Meia Luas for setting up a game of call and response.
  • First, lift up your knee.
  • Then turn on your foot ball while stretching out your kicking leg, gain momentum by pulling with your hips.
  • Wave your arms around the other way, instead of putting the leg down you pull it powerfully down to the ground behind you, accelerating all the way.
  • Keep your head at facing your partner until the kicking leg rests on the floor.
  • Now throw your upper body around (untwisting your torso) and go back into the Ginga.
  • Although this explanation makes the move sound rather stiff it's a very smooth and fluid motion with no stop in between.
  • Try to get it technically right, then work on speed.

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