Martelo De Negativa


Jumping instep kick from the ground

Move Background

It is a high level intermediate/advanced technique, so make sure you know how to do the following moves first: esquiva, negativa, macaco, s-dobrado, chapeu de couro, and how to kick a martelo correctly.

Step by step guide

  • This is a variation of blends the movements of s dobrado with martelo do chão.
  • The martelo de negativa begins with a hop generating more force since the entire body is used.
  • Other names include chapéu de couro and s batida.
  • Start this move in the negativa position, hence the name “martelo de negativa”.
  • It is also called, “S-dobrado” adding a round house kick or martelo at the end of it.
  • Tuck your left leg under your bottom and supports your weight.
  • Make sure to be on the ball of your foot.
  • Your right foot is extended and is making contact with the floor with the ridge between your bottom of your foot and side of your foot.
  • Your right hand is on the floor palm down supporting you weight.
  • Your left hand is up protecting your face.
  • To initiate the move, swing your left foot from the back or bent position to the front of your body fully extended.
  • You will have to put a lot of weight on your right hand as you transition so that you can get the left leg out of the supporting role and swinging outward in a circular path to the front.
  • Just as your left leg passes your left hand switch your weight from the right hand to left hand.
  • This takes practice, so watch the S-dobrado tutorial video here if you need help.
  • As your left leg crosses the front of your body, you will jump off the floor with you right foot maintaining your left hand grounded and supporting your weight.
  • As you jump off the floor, your jumping right foot becomes the kicking right foot.
  • Make contact with the target like a roundhouse kick.

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