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The martelo, which literally means 'hammer'.

Move Background

It is generally defined as a strike with the instep, or lower part of the shin against the opponent's body; the most common target is temple of the head.

Step by step guide

  • It requires good stretching of the legs and a fair sense of balance.
  • Looks very simple yet it needs constant training.
  • Lift your knee as it is seen in the Bênção movement.
  • Turn for about 90-180 degrees on your foot ball; keep your kicking leg's knee at roughly the same position.
  • Remember to turn your hips as well. 
  • Lean back a little to keep balance.
  • If done right, your hips should be aligned parallel with your kicking leg.
  • Your thigh should point straightly at your target (shoulder/head area).
  • Contrary to the other kicks, you now have to snap quickly with your lower leg.
  • Hit with the instep.
  • To prevent spinning away from your opponent move your arms in the opposite direction.

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