Macaco Em Pé


A Macaco done like a cartwheel standing up. Can be done continuously.

Move Background

Moving backwards makes people feel very uncomfortable. While doing macaco em pé, you are not looking at your first hand reaching down towards the ground. Make sure you’re comfortable with this before attempting. The hardest part about this cartwheel is the beginning. However, once you feel comfortable bringing your legs over your body in a backwards direction, the landing is very simple.

Step by step guide

  • This is a macaco that is done without a hop or crouch.
  • The macaco em pé resembles the combined motions of a back walkover and a cartwheel.
  • Instead of crouching and jumping, the capoeirista falls backwards onto one arm while bending his back and allowing his hips to go over his head while moving into a standard macaco motion.

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