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Pronounced “Gahn-shoo” is a deceptive hook kick.

Move Background

Gancho is one of the most tricky kicks in Capoeira not only to perform but also to dodge. It starts out the same way as Martelo, with the knee up. The main differentiator between Gancho and Martelo is that Gancho kicks with the heel while Martelo kicks with the shin or with the base of the foot. Gancho usually aims for the head or the chin. If this kicks lands it sure to be devastating for the person receiving it.

Step by step guide

  • The knee and thigh of the kicking leg is brought up and across the body in a diagonal direction.
  • Instead of thrusting in and out like a chapa, the leg is extended toward the body and thrust out in a hooking motion striking with the heel or sole.
  • The path of the heel ends near the buttocks and hamstring as it is brought down.
  • There are other ways of using it such as fake martelos into in or from fake chapas.
  • Because of its deceptiveness, the name gancho is perfect for it since it can sometimes act as the hook for a bait attack that is seen far too late.

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