Esquiva Lateral

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Pronounced “es-keeva Lah-terahl” it is like Esquiva Baixa but to the side, and one arm is overhead. It is a side escape or side dodge.

Move Background

Esquiva lateral will probably be one of the first capoeira esquiva that you learn when you first go to a capoeira class. The reason is that the esquiva lateral is very simple and is a natural extension of the ginga. Esquiva lateral is a great for beginners because it is a very easy esquiva to understand, and also follows the principle of dodging in the same direction of the attack.

Step by step guide

  • From the lateral position with both legs slightly more than hip width and your knees bent, you want to squat all the way down as if you were sitting on a chair.
  • There you can bring your chest to either your left knee or your right knee and cover your head with one of your hands.
  • If there is an attack coming from your left side then you would bring your chest to your right knee.
  • If the attack is coming from your right side, then you would bring your head to the left knee.
  • If you do esquiva lateral to the left side, then it will be your right hand that covers your chin and the side of your face.
  • It is executed while the feet are in a parallel position.
  • The escape is simply bringing the torso down and to the left or right (depending on the direction of the other player's kick) and reaching the hand over the head.
  • The hand can also be placed in front of the face for protection.
  • Some academies will place the hand that is not guarding onto the floor to get even lower.

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