Esquiva Baixa


Pronounced “es-kee-va bai-sha” it is known as a low dodge with one leg back, one hand blocking your head and one supporting your weight.

Move Background

Another esquiva that stems from the ginga is esquiva baixa. It is also known as Esquiva de Frente."Low dodge", this has the looks of an extremely low ginga. The rear leg and foot are exaggerated and placed even farther back to bring the hips lower to the ground. The torso is bent forward bringing the head even lower. If the left foot is back then the right hand is placed on the floor; the left hand is used to guard the face and head.

Step by step guide

  • From the base position, all you need to do is extend the back leg a little farther back, and bring the hand that is at your side, down to the ground.
  • A common mistake that beginners will do is immediately reach for the ground bringing their upper bodies forward and their bottoms up.
  • What you want to do instead is squat down towards the floor, then reach for the ground.
  • Squatting down first will bring your body down vertically, allowing your to easily place your hand on the floor.

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