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Literally escape or dodge.

Move Background

Esquivas are integral to the game of capoeira. Not only do they serve to avoid kicks, but they also help set up attacks and allow for fluid movement around the roda. Capoeira as a martial art depends on constant movement, so it’s only natural that when you esquiva, you are also moving and setting up your attack.

Step by step guide

  • Many forms exist but all involve moving the head and torso out of the way of an attack.
  • Esquivas distinguish capoeira from many other martial arts for the simple fact of going along with flow of the attack and releasing an equal or more devastating attack.
  • Many of the attacks in capoeira are fully committed kicks that would cause more injury blocking them instead of dodging them.
  • Blocking attacks upset and imbalance the flow of the game making esquivas more common in rodas.
  • Blocks do sometimes occur when one player is so caught off guard that they are used instinctively.
  • The most common situations being against hand attacks.

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