Corta Capim

Level: Intermediate | Style: Contemporânea

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Pronounced “Core-ta ka-peeh” it literally means 'Grass Cutter', this sweep is done largely as a counter.

Move Background

When Mestre João Grande was a child, he saw someone doing corta capim, and when he asked the man what he was doing, he told him about the art of Capoeira. Mestre Joao’s Grande’s interest in this one movement was what propelled him to learn Capoeira and become one of its most influential icons.

Step by step guide

  • Corta Capim starts from a crouched position on the balls of the foot.
  • A single leg will extend forward and swing it around in a circle, hopping over it with the other leg.
  • The movement is very simple to do and very beginner friendly.
  • You might be wondering when would be a good time to use this movement as it might not seem to do much at first glance.
  • Corta Capim works like many Capoeira movements.
  • By doing it, you store up momentum that you are able to use for attacks, dodges, or other movements.
  • Think about corta capim as a battery, charging up momentum for the next movement.
  • A fun challenge to do once you’re learning to do corta capim is to swing the leg in the opposite direction as shown in the clip above.

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