Pronounced “ko-ko-ree-nya” is it a crouching position.

Move Background

Cocorinhas is one of the most straightforward esquivas (defense) in Capoeira. Cocorinhas is just a squat with one of your hands covering your face. The idea is very simple. An attack directed at your sides or the head is dodged by dropping down to a squat position. One of the main reasons people opt for the cocorinha is that you can do this dodge very close to your opponent. This ensures that you stay engaged with the person you’re playing with.

Step by step guide

  • One of the simplest defense movements.
  • With the feet flat on the ground the player squats with the knees to the chest so as to close the body and covers the side of the torso and head with one hand while the other is flat and to the side for support.
  • It is effectively a well-balanced and protected deep squat.
  • From here you can evade high kicks and are able to seamlessly flow into low movements.

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