Chapéu De Couro


Pronounced “sha-pe-oo gee Couroo” translates as leather hat.

Move Background

Chapeu de Couro can be thought of a more advanced version of Martelo no Chão. The main difference is the set of that allows you to lift the body up into the air and aim a lot higher. For example if you wanted to aim at your opponent’s head you might be a lot easier if you opt for this instead of Martelo no Chão.

Step by step guide

  • From the negativa, position with the left foot forward, and move the foot inward so that the left foot is now facing towards your right side.
  • The base foot then helps you lift not only your hips but you are entire body into the air.
  • The jumping to the air brings your left leg to the other side of your body as the base leg comes around to do a roundhouse kick.
  • If that sounds complicated, that’s because there are a lot of moving parts involved.
  • They require a lot of coordination and sometimes have a little higher learning curve than strikes from standing.

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