Pronounced “Sha-pah” it means the sole of the foot.

Move Background

Chapa is a generic term for various straight kicks with the sole or heel of the foot. This kick can be used in a roda to push away the other player for distance.

Step by step guide

Another kick with the same beginning as martelo. This kick starts by bringing the knee up towards the chest. Similar to martelo, the standing leg pivots so the heel faces the target. As the foot pivots, the kicking leg rotates so the foot hovers parallel to the ground. There are many ways to perform a side kick, however in Capoeira, this set up is used to make the technique and direction used ambiguous.

Chapa (or pisão as it is also called) is performed with the heel of the foot. Similar to Benção, chapa can be used as a pushing kick. However, because of the great power you can produce from a side kick, the move can also be used to deliver damage to your target. Beginners should make sure to practice their lateral leg raises to improve their range of motion, making it easier to deliver chapa.