Level: Intermediate | Style: Mixed Style

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The Cabeçada (pronounced: ka-be-SA-da) is an offensive movement of Capoeira in which the attacker pushes the opponent with his head or forehead.

Move Background

Although Capoeira is known for its fantastic kicks, cabeçada is one of the most fundamental attacks in Capoeira. Many of the older Capoeiristas tell stories about how dangerous cabeçadas were, and that it was an attack you had to respect.cabeçadas in Capoeira are most often aimed at the face and the stomach. When attacking either the face or the stomach, the cabeçada is done with the shoehorn of the head. This is the hardest part of the skull and the part that delivers the most impact to your opponent while minimizing the amount of damage to your brain.

Step by step guide

  • Generally a cabeçada is performed when the opponent is executing an open au (cartwheel) but can be performed against any move where the belly of an opponent is exposed.
  • A less playful version of this technique is when instead of the forehead both elbows are pushed into the defender's abdomen.
  • Another variation on this technique involves first entering a push-up like position but with the hips raised the head is then thrust forward into the target.
  • This is usually used when both players are on the ground.

Variations on Cabecada

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