Banda Tracada

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A basic move in which the user sweeps the opponent's leg with his foot, especially in midst of performing a bigger movement.

Move Background

Banda is a sweep kick, the objective of which is to pull one of the opponent’s feet making him lose his balance and fall. It usually is performed from a standing position. What separates the Banda from the Rasteira is that the sweep is mostly done with the heel of the foot instead of the instep.

Step by step guide

  • Stand close to the opponent and throw a bump with the front of your right thigh into the side of his left leg.
  • This is done using Rooster mechanics; and it throws him on the outer side of his (far) right foot.Continue by twisting your hips leftward until they point away from the opponent; then sweep both of his legs from the rear to his front with your right foot (Snake mechanics).
  • What is important is to turn your hips away from the opponent before you pull(Snake); otherwise, the sweep is impossible to apply.
  • This banda can be done against a firm stance (legs together) as in Batuque; it can also be used to first smash opponent's legs together, then sweep him.
  • Unlike most others, this banda cannot be performed solo; you have to bump into something with your thigh.

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