While the literal translation of this is based on suffocation or rather the act of it, the asfixiante is a straight punch thrown with either hand. Taking clues from its name, the target may have originally been the throat instead of the face.

Move Background

Asfixiante is a closed fisted blow to the throat. The blow is rarely used and is reserved for use in a real life case of self defense.

Step by step guide

  • This is one of the few closed fisted strikes and maybe not so surprisingly is aimed at one of the softer parts of a person’s body.
  • Although the throat is defended in part by the chin and the shoulder, punching this area would do a lot of damage.
  • In the short term, breathing would be difficult and in the long term, the opponent could die from asfixiation.
  • Asfixiante is not really used in the game of Capoeira for the risks associated with the blow.

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