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Jorge Egidio dos Santos, Jogo de Dentro, was born in Alagoinhas on April 6, 1965. He joined capoeira angola in 1982, at Forte Santo Antônio (Salvador – BA) at the Academia do M. João Pequeno de Pastinha.

After a year he was baptized by M. João Grande, from whom he received the nickname Jogo de Dentro. In 1986 he received his first degree as a teacher of capoeira angola. He understood his responsibility and started teaching M. João Pequeno on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays before going to his job at the supermarket, where he worked for five years.

In 1989, he left his job to live for capoeira angola. He continued working with his master at his academy, trying to organize the work. He faced many difficulties with the students, creating conflicts due to the organization he wanted to do, in order not to let M. João Pequeno's work end due to the students' lack of conscience.

In 1990, during an event held on September 23, he received the rank of Contra-Master for the work he had been developing in his academy. At the end of the same year, M. João Grande traveled to the United States and left a work begun at the Miguel Santana Theater, in Pelourinho.

Sensing the difficulties of the students, he proposed to help them to continue the work started by M. João Grande. It was very difficult for him, as the students were already used to their master and began to question the new method of work. However, he did not let himself be discouraged, he continued the work as his master had taught him.

Some students stayed, others left. The name of the group was “Herança de Pastinha”, but when it started it changed to “Filhos de João Pequeno and João Grande”, because he was a student of João Pequeno and the students were of João Grande. Later there was a new name change, with the group changing its name to “Semente do Jogo de Angola”, due to the conflicts and aggressions that occurred inside the academy of M. João Pequeno.

The group is formed by people who believe in the work, aware of what they want with capoeira angola and has spread throughout the world. He was trained as a master of capoeira angola by M. João Pequeno on February 27, 1994. Capoeira angola is his best companion.

He always passes it on to his own: “Be humble, have capoeira angola as your purpose in life, rescue our roots and don't let it be transformed into a competitive struggle. Let's hold this job. Well, I will keep it until the end of my life, the philosophy of capoeira Angola”.

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