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Omri Ferradura Breda, commonly known as Mestre Ferradura (January 22, 1976), is a Mestre de Capoeira, pedagogue, president of the Brazilian Institute of Capoeira Education, and director of the Brincadeira de Angola project.

Mestre Ferradura started practicing Capoeira in 1991, at Rio de Janeiro, at Mestre Marrom's Capoeira Angola. He started teaching Capoeira in 1993. Mestre Ferradura received his graduation by the Capoeira Master Henrique Anastacio de Jesus, the Mestre Marrom, in 2010.

He graduated in pedagogy from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and specialized in Early Childhood Education. He is the founder and coordinator of Brincadeira de Angola Project, which has the purpose of the playful teaching of capoeira applied to early childhood education.

The Brazilian Institute of Capoeira Education, project which he's president, he helps teachers to understand the concepts of Capoeira Education.

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Vamos Vadiar Angola

Style: Corridos

Author: Mestre Ferradura

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