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The native faith to brazil. They Natives believed in spirits and magic just like the slaves, so it was bound to be incorporated into the slaves beliefs and the two religions merged. The God, Exú, became St.Anthony, Iansã became St. Barbara, Iemanjá became Our Lady of the Glory, Naña became Our Lady of St. Anne, Oba became Joane of Arc, Obaluayê became St. Lazarus/St. Roque, Ogum became St. George, Oxalá became Jesus Christ, Oxossi became St. Sebastian, Oxum became Our Lady of the Conception, Oxumaré became St. Bartholomew and Xangó became St. Geronimo. To this day, millions of Catholics continue to worship these gods or Orixás (deities) privately while maintaining their Catholicism publicly. The term for this umbrella religion which is polytheist (many Gods) is known as Macumba. Macumba is also used by non-practising Brazilians except it is known to be a form of witchcraft, black magic or religion of African origin.

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