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The Jogo de iúna (game of iúna) was a rituralise part of capoeira regional for the graduate capoeiristas to demonstrate his/her skills. This game is only allowed to practitioners who are at least graduated from the teaching level in capoeira (Graduate), and is traditionally done without clapping, singing or any other instrument besides the berimbau, to enhance the solemnity of the occasion. However, in some places, especially in Angola's capoeira , other instruments can accompany the game.

Jogo de iúna is a style of game in capoeira regional in which, the player once graduated, uses to demonstrates his or her proficiency in capoeira. This games creation has been attributed to mestre bimba. When you learn capoeira, as taught by mestre bimba in his traditional teaching style, then one element you must learn is the jogo de iúna. The game of iúna thus arises as a reward for all graduated capoeiristas. The capoeirista’s skill is shown by the choreographic movements of the low game, which is proof of his ability. A demonstration that the practitioner of the Luta Regional Baiana is an able capoeirista.

Balão are a part of capoeira iuna, Balão translates literally to balloon with the plural being Balões. In the capoeira context, a balão, of which there are various, is a type of partner throw that involves acrobatic skills to be developed by both partners that participate in the skill. Mestre Bimba added various balões to his capoeira regional. He also a sequence of balões that are known as the 'cintura desprezada’ sequence which is a series of ‘balões acinturados’, that graduated students perform while the rhythm of Iúna is played on the berimbau.

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Iúna Game With Balões

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