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Cintura Desprezada

What is Cintura Desprezada

Cintura Desprezada is a sequence of acrobatic movements in the style of Capoeira Regional, created by Mestre Bimba. The name "Cintura Desprezada" is Portuguese for "disregarded waist," and refers to the fluid, loose movements of the hips and waist during the sequence. The sequence is performed to the rhythm of the Iúna game and typically involves a series of "Balões Acinturados," or partner throws that showcase the participants' acrobatic skills.

Cintura Desprezada is a key element of Mestre Bimba's teaching style and is considered to be one of the defining characteristics of his form of Capoeira Regional. It is performed by graduated students as a demonstration of their mastery of the style and is an important part of the capoeira tradition.

In addition to its acrobatic elements, Cintura Desprezada also involves elements of dance and music, making it a unique and dynamic part of the capoeira tradition. The sequence is performed in a playful and informal setting, allowing practitioners to showcase their skills and creativity while testing their abilities in a fun and engaging environment.

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