Capoeira Angola Nzinga

 Capoeira Angola Group Inzinga (Grupo de Capoeira Angola Nzinga) is a non-profit group headquartered in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, that inherits and preserves Capoeira Angola under its instructor. Under the teachings of local instructors, we will learn the spirituality and philosophy of Capoeira through daily music and movement practice. The focus is on the educational side, with the aim of preserving the traditional values ​​of Capoeira Angola and Bantu culture. We do them from regular practice to hoda (dance), publications, discussions, art, and social activities. The instructors of the group are Mestra Janja, Mestra Paulinha, Mestre Poroka, Mestre Ciao Carvalho and Mestra Mano. Through teachers, associate teachers, and leaders, we will convey the teachings of Capoeira Angola's "father", Mestre Pastinha . ​ Under the teachings of the instructors, we are working to inherit the Pastinian Angora school. One of the characteristics of our group is the activity to create more moral human beings through the learning of Capoeira Angola. Respect for human rights in line with modern society, nonviolence, social equality, women's empowerment, opposition to violence against women, support for single mothers (mother and child families), education for children, understanding of racial and sex discrimination, etc. I'm out. ​ Inzinga Kyoto is a branch based in Japan. The Group will continue its activities with branches and offices in Brazil and around the world . In addition, we actively engage in workshops, performances, volunteer activities, and event appearances.

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