Capoeira is a revolutionary force changing the course of history

Capoeira is a history of the oppressed, fighting for their freedom, a martial art disguised as a dance to empower the enslaved. Used in the struggle for freedom, it proved to be a revolutionary force changing the course of history. With time Capoeira evolved into a way of life, one that can bring people together and strengthen the bonds of community. It is because of this rich & proud history that we promote this magical artform

Slavery still affects more than 40 million people worldwide – more than at any other time in history. We believe everyone, everywhere has the right to a life free from slavery. But right now, millions of children and adults are trapped in slavery in every single country in the world.

Slavery and inequality are still rampant and the flaws of capitalism create injustice in the system, turning people into products. Business as usual is dehumanizing and we need a new normal that doesn't overlook the forgotten

Capoeira Will Set Us Free

Our mission is to protect the vulnerable

We believe technology can be a force for good and we aim to end slavery in all its forms, through the ethical use of technology for the good of all stakeholders.

Our promise is to donate a minimum of 10% to our partner's charities. One such partner is the CureFoundation in the Philippines that provides shelter to survivors of online exploitation and a safe place to heal and recover from the trauma and abuse of their past.

We fight not just for a better you but a better us

Like you, we hate the negative relationship with technology serving only as a distraction from self-enlightenment and we believe people are best when we are together, as a community.

Growing a community is our mission and La laue is all about using technology to fight against isolation, inequality and inequity and to fight for freedom for all.

Our Plan is too

Join us in our fight to end slavery and help us promote capoeira