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Raízes do Brasil Capoeira
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Raízes do Brasil Capoeira (Roots of Brazil Capoeira) is an international group that has been providing quality instruction of capoeira as well as promoting capoeira and Brazilian culture around the world since 1980. Raízes do Brasil was founded by Mestre Ralil of Brasilia, Brazil in 1980. Raízes do Brasil now has branches in all 24 states of Brazil, several European countries, and 7 schools in the United States. The first branch of Raízes do Brasil in the U.S. is in Santa Cruz, CA where Mestre Papiba teaches. Mestre Papiba is one of Mestre Ralil’s most senior students and has been teaching in Santa Cruz for over 15 years. Mestre Papiba is the coordinator for Raízes do Brasil in the U.S. Raízes do Brasil is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of Capoeira.

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