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• United Kingdom • Norway

Originally from Brazil’s capital city, Brasilia, Mestre Umoi de Souza has over 40 years of Capoeira experience. He founded Grupo União na Capoeira in 1983 and currently has academies in Brazil, Bosnia, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Serbia and United Kingdom. Professor Dakor has been teaching Capoeira in London since January 1999 under Capoeira União, in September 2018 he made an alliance with G.U.C. and started to teach under G.U.C. United Kingdom. G.U.C.’s mission is to utilize Capoeira to build strong communities, promote unity, fight poverty and marginalization. G.U.C. has a history of successful social work in inner-city Brazil and Portugal. For the last 30 years, G.U.C. has undertaken collaborative initiatives with governments and non-profit organizations aimed at empowering underprivileged youth-at-risk areas and young offenders. The resulting programs utilized Capoeira training as a means of developing leadership and teamwork skills, as well as social tools that promote discipline, positive living and healthy self-confidence. G.U.C. continues to offer Capoeira as a positive alternative to violence, anti-social behavior, addiction and crime.

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