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Grupo Topázio
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March 1988

Bahia, Brazil


Mixed Style

• United States • Germany • Australia • Italy • Sweden • Brazil • Israel • Argentina

The International Group of Capoeira Topázio was born in the City of Salvador, Bahia in Brazil on March 29 1988. Founded by Raimundo Dos Santos (Mestre Dinho), who dedicated his life to teach and develop a stronger and technical capoeira implementing techniques from other martial arts such as Box, valetudo, judo and jiu-jitsu. Among his Ideals, is to promote a healthy life style based on exercise and away from addictions, alcohol and tobacco. His work has spread all around the world and there are Professors teaching his doctrine in many countries such as Argentina, USA, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Italy, France, and many more. There are no official records, but it is estimated that more than 15 000 capoeiristas dress the Topazio Shirt. Meste Dinho has tried to continue the work of Mestre Bimba, who in the '30s, when foreign martial arts have settled in the country, has introduced new movements in capoeira, which culminated in the creation of the "Luta Regional Bahiana", now known as Capoeira Regional. Mestre Dinho Believes that capoeira can evolve even more, without losing its roots and foundations. According to him, every art has something to offer to the other, and Capoeira, without prejudice, can relay on the experience and effectiveness from other martial arts to become a more effective and yet unique martial Art. The characteristic that make capoeira so different from other martial arts, is probably the diversity of styles practiced within capoeira, sometime interpreted as a lack of stability, but which provide each group with its own identity. The style of Grupo Topazio can easily be recognised anywhere in the world because is has a unique style which is developed by all members of the group from the moment they are introduced to capoeira. The Group Topazio has been maintained united because all members share the same philosophy and the same objective about capoeira: to grow and expand the art of capoeira to gain more recognition through out the world.

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