Grupo Maculelê

Mestre Fran and Mestra Sara

Grupo Maculelê

Grupo Maculelê Atlanta was established in December 2002 with the arrival of Mestre Fran and Mestra Sara. With the help of Steven Alphabet , Mestre Fran introduced the unfamiliar martial art to the students of Georgia State University and in 2003, Mestre Fran was hired by Emory University. From there, Grupo Maculelê spread to other schools in the area, including Emory University and University of Georgia in Athens. We trained and worked with Mestre Fran to increase the exposure of Capoeira in Atlanta, encourage knowledge of the Afro-Brazilian culture, and develop physical and musical abilities.

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Capoeira Maculelê Decatur


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Mestre Fran and Mestra Sara


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